I started in 2015 with one 360 camera purchased to experiment in a new medium.  Immediately taken with the format I then began tinkering with Unity - an open source game engine. From here I delved into the full virtual worlds of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and was completely taken by the infinite possibilities on offer in this new medium.


A background in film making and visual effects production in conjunction with an interest in creating realistic experiences led me to a novel production technique. Both 360 video and computer generated 3D elements are combined in a game engine to create incredibly believable environments.  These virtual worlds are supplemented with physical objects in the 'real' world to create uniquely immersive virtual reality experiences.




Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of an international peacekeeping force patrolling in a potentially hostile environment?


In this experience you take the role of a gunner in an Irish Defence Forces Cavalry variant Mowag - an 18 tonne, 8 wheel armored personnel carrier. How would you react when you come under fire?


The video at the attached link provides a playthrough of the experience which includes a detailed 3D reproduction of the vehicle itself and a fully functional, controllable weapons system.



Do you have what it takes to be a winchman in the Irish Air Corps. Would you be able to step out of a helicopter hovering 30m above the ground to save a life?


This experience tests your fear of heights. You begin seated in the rear of an Agusta Westland 139 as it flys over the Wicklow Mountains searching for a stranded hiker. Upon reaching the casualty, you walk to the door of the helicopter, strap yourself in and are lowered down to rescue him.


It's a brave soul that steps out the door onto the big red X without at least some encouragement.



By way of bringing their science to life for the final episode of ?0 Things to Know About..?nbsp; the team behind this award winning series did some experimenting of their own.


Using special cameras and sound production techniques, they made a 360 degree video to partner the broadcast version of the programme, a first for an Irish television series.


I produced and directed this web-only episode which gives further insight into a topic covered in the broadcast programme ?The Contested Memories: Battle of Mount Street Bridge project.



This was the first 360 film I shot. A virtual tour of one of Dublins oldest landmarks this film gives potential visitors a flavour of some of the history and architecture of the building.



A timelapse 360 film of the parade to mark the centenary of the  1916 Easter Rising.


Careful consideration was put into camera position in order to best capture not only the passing parade but also to give something interesting in all parts of the image



As a promotional tool virtual reality is a great interest generator. The Defence Forces brought their Mowag Experience to the National Ploughing Championship in 2016. The Journal made this piece.

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